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Re: "Junk E-Mail"

Sten wrote:

>        They (as in, the government) has used the RICO laws against
>Operation Rescue, an anti-abortion/pro-life (pick your term) group for
>protesting/picketing abortion clinics and doctors who perform abortions.

      And for successfully encouraging the murder of doctors. 

>If they had prosecuted under statutes which applied to everyone, I
>wouldn't have had a problem, but they are going after OR and similar
>organizations for using tactics similar to those used by civil rights
>protesters in the 60s.

      Who were systematically arrested, beaten, teargassed, wiretapped,
and even occasionally shot at. I *know*--I got firehosed, beaten,
arrested, and wiretapped for what I did. That's why I'm a Cypherpunk now.
      OR has received far better treatment than the civil rights
protesters ever did--or did I miss the news items reporting that Terry
Randall and Ralph Reed had been assassinated, and that their lieutenants
had been bumped off in black-bag jobs, and that their colleagues were
chained down to chairs *in court*?

>                       'Course, civil rights is Politically Correct.
>Abortion rights is Politically Correct.  Protesting abortion is
>Politically Incorrect, therefore illegal.

      Do you usually send nursery rhymes to mailing lists?