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On Sat, 18 Nov 1995 [email protected] wrote:

> Curious, where is uncg.edu? Your French name doesn't make me think you're 
> in the States (as an .edu address might suggest, but then not necessarily 
> either). (univ of Calgary?)

I think the University of Calgary is actually in the .ca domain. 

It's a Canadian address.  Its just like your very own domain.  Your
machine tesla is on uottawa.ca.  Your University of Ottawa address is not
in .edu, but is in .ca. 

It's interesting though, that you brought up Calgary.

Calgary, as I assume our Ottawa poster knows, was very busy over the last
week.  Grand Central station.  All of the politico's seemed to transit the

Reform Party Leader, Preston Manning, and Conservative Party Leader, Jean
Charest, held duelling fund-raising dinners this last Wednesday in
Calgary.  And Canada's ambassador to the United States, the Prime
Minister's nephew -- Raymond Chretien -- left Washington and spoke to the
Calgary Chamber of Commerce about NAFTA on Friday. 

Chretien was particularly troubled by remarks from Senate Majority Leader
Bob Dole, about wanting to re-open Chapter 19 in the NAFTA.  Following his
Chamber of Commerce address, Chretien was quoted as saying, "For us,
Chapter 19 is the heart of NAFTA.  And this dispute mechanism has been put
in there to take into account the fact that we are a much smaller economy,
a much smaller country.  We have to rely on those tri-national panels to
defend our interests." 

Chretien for now is chalking up the threatening comments to political 
posturing in the run-up to the presidential election next year, otherwise 
he said, "we will have a serious problem."

Chretien also played down security concerns after a knife-wielding
intruder broke into his uncle's (the Prime Minister's) home at 24 Sussex. 
Despite living in Washington, D.C., Chretien said he doesn't fear for his
public safety.  

When he was asked about the lack of visible protection during his visit to
Calgary, he said: "I'm just a humble public servant." 

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