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[noise] country domains

On Mon, 20 Nov 1995 [email protected] wrote:

> I think the University of Calgary is actually in the .ca domain. 
> It's a Canadian address.  Its just like your very own domain.  Your
> machine tesla is on uottawa.ca.  Your University of Ottawa address is not
> in .edu, but is in .ca. 

True, but as the folks with the export-controlled ftp sites can tell you, you
can pretty much register as anything. Eg. U of Toronto has .edu addresses 
and .ca's , some of my friends around here have .net addresses, and I 
assume anyone anywhere in the world can probably get something like, 
..com, .net, .org (.edu's strictly controlled, isn't it?). (I even
know someone in montreal whose company machine is in .se since he works 
for Ericson (sp?) or somesuch scandinavian company).

Which is another spit in ITAR's face, or which meant that Tim wasn't 
able to get PGPfone from MIT (the prog couldn't figure out if his .net
address was in the US) and had to get it off an illegal usenet post.