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Re: "Junk E-Mail"

At 06:47 PM 11/19/95 -0500, you wrote:
>  Is anyone else getting lots of junk e-mail lately? I'm getting all
>kinds of direct marketing crap to both of my main accounts and I haven't
>posted to usenet in months. 

   On a related note, Compuserve had a note on their system last week from
the sysop.  Their customers are receiving unwanted e-mail advertisements
from the Internet.  Compuserve sysops are attempting to block the spaming
but are finding it difficult because the advertiser is coming in via
different routes.  They are also attempting to stop them using the court

   The advertiser, according to the Compuserve sysop, threatened a
mail-bombing if Compuserve tried to block them!!!  This would be a just
cause to call in the CSOF (Cypherpunk Soldier of Fortune) for a "measured

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