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Re: remailer abuse

Corey Bridges <[email protected]> said:

CB> If junk mail continues to bother people, it's only a matter of time
CB> until mail programs' filtering capabilities become much more
CB> sophisticated. (Of course, for all I know, there already ARE
CB> programs that do what I'm about to propose.) People can maintain a
CB> "do not accept from" list, containing every anonymous remailer
CB> they've ever heard about, or an "accept only from" list, containing
CB> just the people they wish to converse with.

	Well, it might not be luser-friendly, but procmail does that:

* (^From|^Sender|^TO).*(junk|mail|list)

* (^From|^Sender|^TO).*(send|me|mail|list)

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