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Spam the Sign!

On September 27, Jeff Weinstein of Netscape (and others) wrote:

> > > ... would be nice if we could get 128 bit keys, though ... (hint,
> > > hint).
> > 
> > We are working this issue with the government.  As soon as we can
> > make it available for download we will.

> In other words, we will never see it in our lifetimes -- the
> bureaucreeps aren't known for promoting the spread of strong crypto.

>>  Where did I imply that if the govt. ignored us or said no that we
>>  would meekly go away with tail between legs?

Netscape has a cute little Times Square scrolling sign in their engineering
dept. - you can leave a message for all to see at:


Drop by and ask Jeff where his tail is these days. };->