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No Subject

The other anonymous poster was referring to Detweiler's
belief that cryptoanarchy was a budding Nazism as one
of his apparent motivations. After a little bit of 
amateur Detweiler study I can agree with this. 

His page at http://www.csn.net/~ldetweil/ has sections that
emphasize his concern about cryptoanarchy as a kind of
"neo-nazism". Thankfully the cryptoanarchist sentiments
on this list are much different than nazism in the way
it advocates complete disengagement from the political
process, something that tended to make the Nazist agenda
highly dangerous. Without that you just have a bunch of
subversive guerillas. Like gnats, irritating but irrelevant.

So as long as we stick with the non-political advocation,
and stay disorganized, and don't ever amount to anything
significant as far as visible political clout, I think
Detweiler is generally going to continue to leave us alone,
thank God.