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Re: Export control FTP servers

well, since it is "official" policy and the basics concern rejecting all 
foreign addresses and making the proposed recipient agree to a file 
statement agreeing not to export and that he/she/it is an American or 
Canadian citizen, it might be nice if someone who has the `sed ....`
and/or `awk...` scripts would post them for all to use (with whatever 
disclaimers, etc.)

On Mon, 20 Nov 1995, Rich Salz wrote:

> >	I do what RSADSI does with ftp.rsa.com. It requires a cronjob
> >and sed. I didn't get the NSA to approve it, but I figure if it's good
> >enough for RSADSI it's good enough for me.
> I believe some of the following has been posted here before.
> The person to speak with is
> 	John Sonderman
> 	Office of Defense Trade
> 	Department of Compliance
> 	703 875 6644
> He's supposed to be Internet-aware.   What's not common knowledge is
> that he's leaving by early December for budgetary reasons.  If you're
> thinking of putting export controlled stuff up for FTP, you should
> probably contact John now.
> 	/r$