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Re: Export control FTP servers

I thought that they had not yet released their official policy.  Last
time I heard they were still refusing to put anything in writing saying
that your measures were "ok", pending release of their official policy.

  If John is indeed leaving, this will give the powers-that-be an
excuse to delay even longer.


attila wrote:
> well, since it is "official" policy and the basics concern rejecting all
> foreign addresses and making the proposed recipient agree to a file
> statement agreeing not to export and that he/she/it is an American or
> Canadian citizen, it might be nice if someone who has the `sed ....`
> and/or `awk...` scripts would post them for all to use (with whatever
> disclaimers, etc.)
> On Mon, 20 Nov 1995, Rich Salz wrote:
> > >     I do what RSADSI does with ftp.rsa.com. It requires a cronjob
> > >and sed. I didn't get the NSA to approve it, but I figure if it's good
> > >enough for RSADSI it's good enough for me.
> >
> > I believe some of the following has been posted here before.
> > The person to speak with is
> >       John Sonderman
> >       Office of Defense Trade
> >       Department of Compliance
> >       703 875 6644
> > He's supposed to be Internet-aware.   What's not common knowledge is
> > that he's leaving by early December for budgetary reasons.  If you're
> > thinking of putting export controlled stuff up for FTP, you should
> > probably contact John now.
> >       /r$
> >

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