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Re: Spam the Sign!

>  Do you have a legal opinion to support this statement?  Our lawyers
>tell us that executives of netscape could go to jail if we make the
>128bit version of netscape available from an "export controlled"
>ftp or http server.  We are working to clarify the situation with
>the government or figure out an alternative distribution scheme that
>will remove us from the grey area.

No legal opinions here, but perhaps you give it to someone who you know is
legally entitled to have it and give them permission to redistribute it.  For
example, MIT, RSA, and c2.org already distribute export-controlled software
via FTP, so if they're willing, you could give copies to people there and
publish MD5 checksums.

>  Getting the US version of netscape widely available is one of my
>highest priorities, but I can't tell Barksdale that he should go to
>jail over it.  I'm constantly pushing from within the company to keep
>things moving forward.

It's appreciated as is your participation here.

>  In the mean time I appologize to the linux users who can't even
>buy the 128 bit version.  If something changes on this front I'll
>be sure to let people know.

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