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Re: Junk E-Mail - Part 2

People are complaining about junk mail now.  Wait until 
they find out what real JUNK mail is... 
11 21 95 Associated Press reports: 
   To make electronic mail as universally available in the 
   United States as telephones, the federal government and 
   business would need to work together, the [RAND] report 
RAND is known for generating options, but... 
   ...the study recommended using public funding.... 
The government --I mean, RAND-- isn't too happy about 
people owning their own computers: 
   As a way to reach people who don't own computers, the 
   study recommended that terminals be located in public 
   places -- street corners, community centers, libraries, 
   hotels -- just as pay phones are, so people can send and 
   receive electronic messages. 
What if people find out that this "private study," as AP calls 
it, is really JUNK mail from Joint Underhanded 'Net Kill-off? 
NOTE.  The NandO News website's URL: 
       The newsstory's head- and datelines: 
       Study: Every American should have mailbox in 
       WASHINGTON (Nov 21, 1995 - 11:01 EST) 
       Its online filename: nation611_4.html