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Re: Are there enough FBI agents to handle Digital Telephony?????

    There is and probably never will be a shortage of people to carry on 
wire tapping . The term agent could be all encompassing in the future to 
include but not be limited to the hiring of ex-federally employed 
personnel with the talents or capacity for the talent to do wiretapping. 
In other words there are any number of ex-CIA ,DEA, ex-military who if 
were hired would actually save the government investigation time and 
costs because they have allready gone through security clearance. Add to 
that the fact that most if not all FBI personnel have gone through a 
light wiretap course to famililarize them with the rudiments of the craft.
   All these figures add up to cover the taps in case a disaster of the 
terroristic kind should happen. I feel that numbers are there to worry 
people but that what the FBI is worrying about is whether it can cover 
large ground if there is a siege like state in this country.HOWEVER, 
there will allways be those that opportunistically take advantage of 
circumstances to set up their own invisible little feifdoms along the 
political and social terrain. 
   If you ask me if there is something for them to worry about I have to 
in all good conscience say yes , if you ask if there is something for us 
to worry about again I have to say yes. I don't know if there is even a 
common ground for both sides to work towards because terrorism has grown 
to include the homegrown variety .