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Re: Are there enough FBI agents to handle Digital Telephony?????

This discussion is beginning to resemble one about the telephone system
about 50 years ago.  A national phone system was considered an impossibilty
by many.  This is because even if AT&T  employed every female >18 years 
old as a telephone operators there weren't enough to plug and unplug all 
the connections on the all the switchboards. 


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"Trust me. This is a secure product. I'm from <insert your favorite 
corporation of government agency>."
 On Tue, 21 Nov 1995, Moroni wrote:

>     There is and probably never will be a shortage of people to carry on 
> wire tapping . The term agent could be all encompassing in the future to 
> include but not be limited to the hiring of ex-federally employed 
> personnel with the talents or capacity for the talent to do wiretapping. 
> In other words there are any number of ex-CIA ,DEA, ex-military who if 
> were hired would actually save the government investigation time and 
> costs because they have allready gone through security clearance. Add to 
> that the fact that most if not all FBI personnel have gone through a 
> light wiretap course to famililarize them with the rudiments of the craft.
>    All these figures add up to cover the taps in case a disaster of the 
> terroristic kind should happen. I feel that numbers are there to worry 
> people but that what the FBI is worrying about is whether it can cover 
> large ground if there is a siege like state in this country.HOWEVER, 
> there will allways be those that opportunistically take advantage of 
> circumstances to set up their own invisible little feifdoms along the 
> political and social terrain. 
>    If you ask me if there is something for them to worry about I have to 
> in all good conscience say yes , if you ask if there is something for us 
> to worry about again I have to say yes. I don't know if there is even a 
> common ground for both sides to work towards because terrorism has grown 
> to include the homegrown variety .
>                      Deirdre