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Re: Junk E-Mail - Part 3

An 11 21 95 Reuter Information Service newsstory, headed 
      Computer illiterates offered new way onto Internet 
[OR: Junk mail wants to meet computer illiterate for safe sale] 
   Matsushita Electric Industrial Co said on Tuesday it had 
   developed a way of accessing the Internet using the fam- 
   iliar telephone and fax machine.... 
   With the Matsushita system, users can obtain an index 
   via a facsimile machine and choose Internet subjects 
   they are interested in by keying in numbers on their tele- 
   The telephone and fax are connected to server comput- 
   Information coming back arrives as ordinary sound over 
   the telephone handset or as printed text off the facsimile. 
AT&T was offering an index of newsstories in a series of 
ads in the Wall Street Journal a couple of years ago.  You 
faxed the code numbers of the stories you wanted to read 
to AT&T; and AT&T faxed back the stories. 
                   FIRST RULE OF JUNK MAIL 
If you can sell it to the elite, you can sell it to the masses. 
NOTE.  The NandO News website URL is: 
       The newsstory's dateline: 
       TOKYO (Nov 21, 1995 - 08:18 EST) 
       Its online filename: