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Secrets of the Internet

11 21 95 Times of London screams that 
           Pedophiles use encoding devices to make 
                  secret use of Internet 
Its newsstory reports an 
                   Interpol conference 
was told that 
               International pedophile rings 
are borrowing 
                   an encryption system 
           known as PGP -- Pretty Good Privacy -- 
             developed in [where else!] America 
   Experts estimate that it could take 10 years for computer 
   systems to crack the individual codes. 
If that's not enough to reduce you to jelly, 
   Police [are] also concerned at the use of a "remailing" 
   service being provided by an Internet expert in Finland 
   who will take material sent to him and remove identifica- 
   tion marks before sending it out again. 
On Monday, at the start of the two-day conference in Lon- 
don on crime against children, Detective Chief Inspector 
Bryan Drew of the UK's National National Criminal Intelli- 
gence Service said  
   ...although police increasingly realised the difficulties 
   posed by the Internet...as yet no one in Britain had de- 
   cided on a policy for dealing with them. 
   ...the Internet and computers were among a number [of] 
   subjects being looked at by his unit.
Interim measures for "dealing with" computers and the 'Net 
   As part of the Interpol work, a network of 64 liaison offi- 
   cers had been set up round the world to keep contact on 
And when the State ("no one") DECIDES...? 
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       LONDON (Nov 21, 1995 - 01:24 EST) 
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