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PROPOSAL: [email protected]?

     On 11/22/95, Adam Writes:
     > Perry Metzger <[email protected]> writes:
     > > "James M. Cobb" writes:
     > > > Friend, 
     > > >  
     > > >  
     > > > The following information from 
     > > 
     > > 1) You are not my friend.
     > > 
     > > 2) My private mail to you hasn't convinced you to stop this
     > > barrage of reposts. Would you please do so?
     > I am inclined to agree with Perry in as much as the volume of posts 
     > to the cypherpunks list is greatly increased by reposts of news from 
     > other mailing lists, USENET newsgroups, WWW sources, newspapers, TV 
     > programs, films, books, talks, etc.  While some of the information
     > posted is interesting, and relevant, some others are less relevant, 
     > bordering on noise.
     > The proposal: a separate list for current-event
     > reports/news/reposts.
     > What do others think?
     > Adam
     This is what I think about setting up an additional list:
     1. If I subscribe to both lists, it won't change my eMail traffic
     2. If the "news, NOISE, off-topic" posts are sent to both lists, my 
     eMail volume will increase
     3. The cypherpunks subscribers are not the problem
     4. What Adam and Perry (and others) want is that the "news, NOISE, 
     off-topic" posters change their behavior and not post long news items 
     5. How are you going to get those posters to agree to change?
     My vote, for what it's worth, is don't split the list.  It won't work 
     because the extra posts ARE going to go to this list because that's 
     where they believe their readers are.
     Martin G. Diehl