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Re: Spam the Sign!

At 04:02 PM 11/22/95 -0800, Jeff Simmons wrote:

> and yet the people with the [balls]
> to actually challenge it aren't the big companies who stand to gain the
> most financially, it's a bunch of guys (a lot of whom hang around here
> sometimes) who are successfully giving away 'export controlled' software,

If you have looked at court cases recently, you will notice 
that most juries will find a corporation guilty of anything, 
no matter how absurd.  At a gut level they feel that the 
pursuit of profit is itself a crime, and that the pursuit 
of profit in an organized group is a flagrant and terrible 
crime, deserving of the most savage punishment, unless that 
pursuit has been thoroughly and carefully supervised and 
authorized by the state.

They are much more reluctant to punish an individual, which is why
the government wants to keep Phil in permanent legal limbo.

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