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Re: Junk E-Mail - Part 4

In its NEWS IN BRIEF summary, 11 22 95 Financial Times 
   BRUSSELS/LONDON - SELLING - A ban on telephone "cold 
   calling" throughout the European Union was on Tuesday 
   approved by Euro-MPs, to the consternation of direct mar- 
   keting and distance selling organisations.  In a move de- 
   signed to spare people from what MEPs consider to be ir- 
   ritating telephone calls, a key parliamentary committee 
   voted to make prior consent from consumers obligatory 
   before a seller can approach them by telephone. 
   The proposed ban also applies to communications by e- 
   mail, raising fears among publishing organisations that 
   the development of the information society in Europe could 
   be damaged. 
Ban fear, for we have nothing to fear but fear itself. 
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