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crypto for porno users

                   crypto for porno users

   Crypto porno is a wonderful topic for Cypherpunks. Child porno people
are a group that definitely needs the very best in computer security. If
their computer security problems are solved, then everybodys' computer
security problems are solved.


   The SecureDrive 1.4 disk encryptor system solves their computer site
disk storage problem. It also gives them the solution to the "rubber hose"
problem. With a "damaged" key file and the use of a password, they have
an effective defense against court orders demanding keys. (see the docs
for SecureDrive 1.4). Also disk encryptors not only encrypt files but also
solve the problem of temporary work files that are used by many software
packages (They can be reconstructed).


   MIT's PGP 2.6.2 solves their problem of secure telecommunications.
This assumes that the people involved can really trust each other.


   Of course, one of the really big problems for non-STATE approved
groups is the problem of state agents infiltrating the group. This gets
worse as the group gets bigger. This is also one more thing I have against
states - one of their jobs is having their agents make friends with cit-
izens and then betray their friends. Has anyone else noticed? -  THE STATE
HAS NO HONOR! The state prides itself on its cleverness here.

   Also, of course, once the state has entrapped an individual, they tend
to get other members of the group by having their victims get and give
evidence against other members. - sort of a domino effect and the group
unravels - especially with the conspiracy laws. Drug distribution gangs
are famous for falling to these techniques.

   A possibly unbreakable defense against the above assault would be the
use of a Dining Cryptographers protocol. According to Applied Crypto-
graphy, PGP may be used to send messages in these protocols. Pretend that
a small group of Cypherpunks are child porn enthusiasts and decide to use
the Cypherpunk mailing list to exchange pictures and child porn info..

   I know little of the theory of Dining Cryptographers but I would think
that a good implementation of it would make infiltrators useless. I will
leave it for other Cypherpunks to discuss the mechanics (specific and
general) for actually doing this.

   A possible risk would be that this would put the general membership of
Cypherpunks at risk - or would it just put the list itself to risk? Does
this imply that we need FORTRESS mailing lists or what others would des-
cribe as COERCION-FREE mailing lists? Would remailers that allow two way
secure communication be a help here? Would they be forced to be FORTRESS
or COERCION-FREE to be effective?  Should they use expendable lists?:-)

   Generally, if you wanted to start a discussion group on a forbidden
topic on the Internet, and wanted to keep it secure - how would you do
it? Today this is an academic question - but tomorrow? :-) Aside from
workable anonymous Internet money, the two most needed computer privacy
technologies are fortress mailing lists and remailers and workable Dining
Cryptographers protocols.

The United States "Federal" Government - We'll be even more American
without it.

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                                           Gary Jeffers