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[rehash] Re: crypto for porno users

Watch the cpunks go round and round and round and...

On Fri, 24 Nov 1995, Gary Jeffers wrote:

>    I know little of the theory of Dining Cryptographers but I would think
> that a good implementation of it would make infiltrators useless. I will
> leave it for other Cypherpunks to discuss the mechanics (specific and
> general) for actually doing this.

Dining Cryptographers nets (aka DC-nets) are the whole idea behind the
type 2 anon remailers like Mixmaster, and the remailernet in general.
You'll find a lot on this in the archives, the ftp site (which has Chaum's
DC article and a good explanation by Tim May) and a few peoples' pages. 
(I think they're mostly pointed to in the pages I list) 

You'll find Mixmaster at <http://obscura.com/~loki/Welcome.html>
Wei Dai posted some articles a few months ago about traffic analysis
of such remailers. He still has one of them at 
Sameer also has a two-way encrypted-command remailer. Check out 
<http://www.c2.org> for details.
The archives are at <http://www.hks.net/cpunks/index.html> (I realize
this has been posted n zillion times)

Wasn't there a DC-net mailing list once upon a time? (Tim mentions it in some
of his writings) Did this wither away or merge into the remailer-ops list?