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Re: crypto for porno users

From: [email protected] (Gary Jeffers)

   The SecureDrive 1.4 disk encryptor system solves their computer site
disk storage problem. It also gives them the solution to the "rubber hose"
problem. With a "damaged" key file and the use of a password, they have
an effective defense against court orders demanding keys. (see the docs
for SecureDrive 1.4). Also disk encryptors not only encrypt files but also
solve the problem of temporary work files that are used by many software
packages (They can be reconstructed).
	Does anyone know of any strong encryptor systems that encrypt a
MS-DOS directory with subdirectories, as opposed to a partition? Aside from
convenience, this does have the potential advantage that if you did some FAT,
etcetera manipulation, it wouldn't be possible to figure out what was garbage
and what was encrypted without the program running properly (i.e., have an
emergency hotkey combination that wiped the currently used password/phrase and
removed the program and the alterations to the FAT).
	Also nice would be working off of a key on a 3.5" floppy, so it can
be removed when not in use (thus reducing the need for typing in a
password/phrase every few minutes). It should be compatible with Stacker and
similar compression systems if possible, although it could also be run on the
uncompressed drive- that way it'd take up more space, however.