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Re: Junk E-Mail - Part 4

On Thu, 23 Nov 1995, James M. Cobb wrote:

>    BRUSSELS/LONDON - SELLING - A ban on telephone "cold 
>    calling" throughout the European Union was on Tuesday 
>    approved by Euro-MPs, to the consternation of direct mar- 
>    keting and distance selling organisations.  In a move de- 
>    signed to spare people from what MEPs consider to be ir- 
>    ritating telephone calls, a key parliamentary committee 
>    voted to make prior consent from consumers obligatory 
>    before a seller can approach them by telephone. 
>    The proposed ban also applies to communications by e- 
>    mail, raising fears among publishing organisations that 
>    the development of the information society in Europe could 
>    be damaged. 

I think that there are significantly different standards and expectations 
outside the borders of the United States, than inside.  Can you imagine 
the unmitigated "gall" of Euro-MPs in protecting the public rather than 
caving in to direct marketing special interest groups??

Goodness ... how archaic.

The next thing those Europeans are going to do is something really strange
and un-American, like having television commercials broadcast in between
TV programs -- broadcast only after a show is over.  Finished.

Those Europeans just might not allow commercials to be woven in between 
scenes of a 20-minute sitcom.  They might say, before and after ... and
that's it.

I mean this idea that advertising is "pollution" might start to catch on 
in certain European quarters.

> Ban fear, for we have nothing to fear but fear itself. 

Heavens, no.  Than again, I'm waiting for the day that the NY Times 
allows advertising on its op-ed page.

Or for that matter the Washington Post in its online edition.

Alice de 'nonymous ...

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