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Re: The Mesh and the Net

On Wed, 22 Nov 1995, John Young wrote:

> "The Mesh and the Net: Speculations on Armed Conflict in a
> Time of Free Silicon," by Martin C. Libicki, March, 1994. 
> (233kb)
> Available on the Web at:
> <http://www.ndu.edu/ndu/inss/macnair/mcnair28/m028cont.html>
> NDU is the National Defense University, Libicki's teat.

A very interesting read! The speculations about the future of the
(civilian) Net are amazing, even more so coming from an official
sub-division of the US DoD (?). An excerpt (that could have been
written by a cypherpunk crypto-anarchist philosopher just as well):

   'The information revolution, acting through
 multinational corporations and transnational
 communities, may weaken many powers of the state
 anyway.  Would it be much of an exaggeration to posit
 a nation's expression, not through government, but as
 a local ganglion of the world Net.  That being the
 case, might not the decline of the state coincide with
 the rise of the Net, the newest venue for crime,
 conflict, and chaos?'