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[NOISE] Chi Sun Times SS# Sweepstakes

The Chicago Sun-Times is running a contest in which readers are asked to
send in their social security numbers.  Someone will win a cash prize
after a random drawing. 

I can't figure out the angle on this.  If they simply want to run a
promotional contest, why are they asking for ssn's?  If there's an
ulterior motive, what is it?  Are they going to sell the list?  Would they
have a use for it themselves?

The frustrating thing is that there are probably many millions of
Americans who will give away the keys to the store for next to nothing. 

The feds probably made a tactical error:  instead of trying to force
mandatory key escrow down our throats, they ought to have offered everyone
who is willing to submit to voluntary escrow a chance to win a Chrysler

Alex Strasheim, [email protected]