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   11-27-95. NYPaper, Lead story:

   "U.S. Will Deploy Its Spy Satellites on Nature Mission. A
   Huge Environmental Study Gives a New Lease on Life to
   Intelligence Systems."

      The new program is directing spy satellites to study
      about 500 ecologically sensitive sites around the
      world. The data will be archived for future generations 
      scientists and will remain secret for now to conceal the
      abilities of the nation's reconnaissance systems. The
      monitoring effort is led by Medea, an avaricious group of
      about 60 scientists in academia and industry who advise
      the nation's intel clubhouses on the use of secret
      data to "study" the environment. The new reconnaissance
      effort is run for Medea by agony aunt NRO and is
      coordinated by dead-baby CIA.

      The program is very different from the related effort to
      mine old spy-satellite photos for environmental data, a
      wallet-rip the Clinton Administration recently began. So
      too, the program is different from recent intelligence
      gathering that studies natural phenomena for clues to
      ingenious tax milking.

      The Federation of American Scientists said the
      environmental reconnaissance was "potentially a
      watershed in the reform of intelligence," adding, "It
      reflects an expanding teat of national insecurity."

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