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Re: The future will be easy to use (fwd)

Responding to msg by [email protected] (Jim Choate) on 
Mon, 27 Nov  8:54 PM

>Don't hold your breath. The current market surveys say 
>that there is no  market for them. Check out this weeks 
>PC Week or Mac Week, as they both  have several 
>articles discussing this. Bottem line is that the under 
>$1000  computer seems to have no future either in 
>industry or the home.

Peter Lewis reports in today's NYT on "doubts about the fantasy 
of a $500 'Network PC' " but quotes Eric Schmidt of Sun saying, 
"They will exist and they will be very successful, and not just 
from Sun and Oracle. The price points are going to be pretty 
low, and they'll look more like consumer electronics."

Anybody want this mixed review send us a BOX_top.