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Re: The future will be easy to use (fwd)

On Mon, 27 Nov 1995, John Young wrote:

> >Don't hold your breath. The current market surveys say 
> >that there is no  market for them. Check out this weeks 
> >PC Week or Mac Week, as they both  have several 
> >articles discussing this. Bottem line is that the under 
> >$1000  computer seems to have no future either in 
> >industry or the home.
> Peter Lewis reports in today's NYT on "doubts about the fantasy 
> of a $500 'Network PC' " but quotes Eric Schmidt of Sun saying, 

I was using a Commodore 64 and a 300 bps modem for networking to the old
online services of the day.  That whole setup cost less than 300 dollars
at the time, and had a disk drive too.  I guess it would be feasable to
make a really cheap machine, fit it with a more modern modem and connect
it to the internet.

I feel sad when they say that the market for <1000 $ machines is nill, I 
had so much fun and learned so much from my old machines.

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