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SKIP Source Release is out!


Check out http://skip.incog.com.  We've released the source to the SKIP
key management and IP layer encryption package for SunOs 4.x.

Here's a piece of the README file:

	ALPHA 1 Release of SKIP Reference Source for SunOS 4.1.3

SKIP is a Key-management protocol for IP based protocols.  It is an 
acronym for Simple Key-management for Internet Protocols. SKIP is 
documented in the SKIP IETF IPSEC draft included in this directory 
as draft-ietf-ipsec-skip-05.txt.  The most recent SKIP draft is 
always available at http://skip.incog.com and the Internet-Drafts

>From this public domain source release, you can build a fully 
functional IP-layer encryption package which supports DES and 
Triple-DES for SunOS 4.1.3.  This means that every IP networked 
application can have it's network traffic encrypted.   Unlike
application level encryption packages, this package encrypts 
IP packets.  Thus, applications do not need to be recompiled or 
modified to take advantage of encryption.

The SKIP source is possible through the efforts of engineers in Sun
Microsystems Internet Commerce Group.  The developers and designers
are Ashar Aziz, Tom Markson, Martin Patterson, Hemma Prafullchandra and
Joseph Reveane.  Linda Cavanaugh worked on the documentation.

The package compiles under both the SunPro compiler and GCC.  We expect 
that this release should port without too much pain to any operating 
system which uses BSD style networking (mbufs).  

A legal warning: Because this package contains strong encryption, the
Software must not be transferred to persons who are not US citizens or
permanent residents of the US, or exported outside the US (except
Canada) in any form (including by electronic transmission) without
prior written approval from the US Government. Non-compliance with
these restrictions constitutes a violation of the U.S. Export Control

This source release may be used for both commercial and noncommercial 
purposes, subject to the restrictions described in the software and
patent license statements.  

Furthermore, Sun Microsystems has licensed the Stanford public key patents 
from Cylink Corp. which are available to users of this package on a royalty 
free basis. The patent statement is in README.PATENT.  Be sure to read this,
as it contains some restrictions and other important information.  

Also included in this release is a high speed Big Number package written 
by Colin Plumb. bnlib/legal.c contains Colin's software license statement. 

	1.  SKIP V2 compliant implementation using ESP encapsulation.
	2.  Support for DES/3DES for traffic and key encryption.
	3.  Diffie-Hellman Public Key Agreement based system.
	4.  Full Support for manual establishment of master keys.
	5.  Support for multiple NSIDs and multiple local certificates.
	6.  GUI tool for user friendly manipulation of access control lists
	    and key statistics.
	7.  Command line tools for manipulating access control lists, etc.
	8.  Implementation of the Certificate Discovery protocol fully
	    integrated into SKIP.
	9   Implementation of X.509 public key certificates.
	10. Implementation of DSA signature algorithm for certificate
	11. Implementation for MD2, MD5 and SHA message digest algorithms.
	12. Implementation of ASN.1 DER encoding/decoding.
	13. SunScreen(tm) SKIP compatibility mode.
	14. Implementation of hashed public keys as defined in the SKIP 
	    draft.  Implementation of programs to generate hashed public
	15. Certificate utilities to convert X.509 Certificates to hashed
	    keys and  print both X.509 and Hashed certificates.
	16. High performance Big Number library for Diffie-Hellman 
	17. Implementation is effectively "public domain" and may be used both 
	    commercially and non-commercially.
	18. Patent Agreement with Cylink allows roylaty-free use of the 
            Diffie-Hellman and other Stanford patents with this package for 
	    commercial and non-commercial use.  Read README.PATENT for 
	    some restrictions.
	19. Inclusion of prime generation program used to generate the 
	    primes in SKIP draft.