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Re: SKIP Source Release is out!

Tom Markson writes:
> Check out http://skip.incog.com.  We've released the source to the SKIP
> key management and IP layer encryption package for SunOs 4.x.

SKIP is a non-standard being pushed by Sun.

Admittedly, it is available for FTP. However, thats just because I
don't have an FTP site for the NRL IPsec + IPv6 stuff.

Anyone who'd like to help me put the sources to the NRL IPsec + IPv6
implementation up for FTP is invited to get in touch. It will runs on
4.4BSD machines (i.e. BSDI, NetBSD, FreeBSD, etc) and should be
pretty portable to other similar Berkeley based machines.

It won't "run out of the box" on NetBSD as it stands -- I should have
it nicely packaged up to do that before the end of the week.