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Re: The future will be easy to use

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, Jonathan Zamick wrote:
> Returning to the original topic though, do we want to get a smaller list
> together to spec out some ideas for the project that was discussed? A
> simple, transparent, tool which would allow people to use strong encryption
> without having to think about it?

It should be worth noting that I hope to put out the next version of
SSLeay in less that a week (I hope, depending on how many nights I don't
sleep :-) and it should include a 'demo' CA application. It will probably
only use simple text indexes and directorys for storage but I intend it to
be able to generate CRL and process certificate requests.  The only
question is do I put in support to ouput the certificate using a
netscape/verisign compatable format :-).  If nothing else, this should be
a good starting point for adding a nice GUI front end and a real database
backend.  The application will be mostly a front-end to the SSLeay library
so if I finish most of my documentation by then, others should be able to
write a real CA application. 

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