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Re: The future will be easy to use

   OK, I have not seen it (like I said, I will get it) or read ipsec.  

   However, despite the group ego, Sun _does_ listen and Sun does wish to 
be the leader. If the rest of ipsec group has a specific list, maybe it 
needs to presented higher up the pole.

   As fun as it might be to code it, you have enough on your plate with 
pgp alone. Sun's resources for a directed course are hard to beat; this 
is just another repeat of the first go around.  SKIP obviously will not 
fly outside of Sun without industry support and if it has long term keys 
and can be compromised, it will be a tough row to how.  time for a little 
pressure where it counts.

   the fact Sun released source indicates they are open enough to expect