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Re: ecash protocol: Part 1

In article <[email protected]>,
Ian Goldberg  <[email protected]> wrote:
>I've managed to decipher a useful bit of the first message sent from
>the shop to the payer.  It's the Payment Request, and contains the following
>o Header identifying packet as Payment Request
>o The integer 4
>o The payment amount, in cents
>o The time (seconds since 1970)
>o The integer 79
>o The name of the shop (payee)
>o A description of the item being paid for
>o An empty string
>o The integer 0
>o End of Record marker
>I don't know what the 4, 79, empty string, and 0 are for.  I assume one
>of them (probably the 4) is some indication of currency (US cents).

I now know what the empty string and the 0 are for.  In the event that
a Payment Request is sent out-of-band (in an application/ecash message,
for example), the string and integer are the hostname and port (commonly
1100) to which the payer should connect in order to send a payment.

   - Ian "Wait for it..."