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ecash protocol: Part 1

Well, I dropped off the net for a few days due to a midterm, but I'm
back now...

Last week, I was taking a look at the ecash protocol (no, I don't have a copy;
I have a binary, which I can't even run...).  

I've managed to decipher a useful bit of the first message sent from
the shop to the payer.  It's the Payment Request, and contains the following

o Header identifying packet as Payment Request
o The integer 4
o The payment amount, in cents
o The time (seconds since 1970)
o The integer 79
o The name of the shop (payee)
o A description of the item being paid for
o An empty string
o The integer 0
o End of Record marker

I don't know what the 4, 79, empty string, and 0 are for.  I assume one
of them (probably the 4) is some indication of currency (US cents).
I can provide a byte-level description of the record, if people want.

I guess the important bit is that the payee, the item being bought,
and the cost are sent _in the clear_.  Some of the people I've talked
to think this is a huge privacy breach, and some don't.  You all can
debate this now.  Lucky can, if he wishes, add insight, and/or tell us
what DC may do about this.

I'll try to figure out the rest of the fields, and some of the other
messages (like the payment itself).

   - Ian "Why exactly isn't DigiCash releasing the protocol?  What about
	    the source?"