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Re: The future will be easy to use

Jon Lasser writes:
> However, if you have optional linking of ID and name, shippers will only 
> ship to keys with such attributes. Because just ID and address, it could 
> be a "hit and run" type attack shipped to a safe maildrop.

People who steal credit cards prefer to order goods to be delivered somewhere
they can grab them. (Often this is just the front of the rightful owner's
home, while Holly the Homeowner is off at work.) But that's just another
reason to cut down unauthorized credit card charges, not a reason to restrict
what a rightful cardholder can do with the card. I _want_ to be able to have
stuff delivered to arbitrary locations, and I _don't_ want to give that up
just to make it tough on thieves.

James Donald writes:
> This argument makes no sense at all:  I am going to attack my
> enemies by paying people to send books, computers, and stuff
> to them?

Ordering hardcore porno videos to be sent to, say, somewhere in Tennessee
might work pretty well in our sadly repressed society.

-Futplex <[email protected]>