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Re: e-cash gambling

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Anonymous wrote:

> I would like to see e-cash gambling on US Presidential elections/primaries
> [as is currently done in London & Moscow]. There was an interesting W$J
> article that pointed out how the odds in these gambling houses track the
> results of elections more accurately (from thousands of miles away) than
> Gallup & Roper ever have, (and without calling me at suppertime)<g>. The

Idea Futures. (This has already been mentioned in this thread)
There is an outfit calling itself Ideosphere that is planning a 
commercial version of an Idea Futures. It is certainly fairer than online 
roulette. You might want to try the game out yourself. Dr. Froomkin has a 
link to it on his homepage (I think). 

> It would accomplish the cypherpunk goals of setting important information
> free through use of our technology, it would encourage gamblers to learn
> about strong crypto, and it would use crypto for something besides child
> porn or drugs, which will be good PR for us. There will, of course, be

Incidentally there are a lot of crypto related claims being played (which
is natural considering the number of cpunks in the game).