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call forwarding trick in Las Vegas

From: [email protected]

Your cybercrime task forces and exotic examples sound very intriguing, 
however, here in Las Vegas, Nevada we have a situation that is exotic but not 
quite in the same way.  An "outcall" business has seemingly placed the 
telephone numbers of the major hotels into a Database along with the phone 
numbers of the local legal "outcall" services.  When a "guest" from a hotel 
calls to have an exotic dancer entertain him in his hotel room, his call is 
"call forwarded" from the service to which he called to allegedly  "S. E." and 
"R. S.".  The "call forwarding" process was accomplished by a Select Call 
Forwarding maneauver from "off premises" and was not authorized by the service 
which was "by-passed".  It seems no one much cares, (except the services from 
which the business was stolen), so this character is stealing to the tune of 
approximately $200,000.oo per week.  How long will it be until he taps into 
the banks, etc?  Does he pay taxes on his "full income"?  How can this 
maneauver be cancelled by the owners of the businesses from which are being 
stolen?  This guy is so brazen/stupid, he brags about "his accomplishment".

Any input would be much appreciated.

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