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Re: Netscape gives in to key escrow

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Vinnie Moscaritolo wrote:

> Even with all the ITAR silliness, even if on the contigincy that Apple
> can't provide a SSL or whatever in thier HTML part, YOU can always write
> your own HTML part, (its just not that complicated) in the Cyberdog
> environment and override the Apple CyberDog HTML part.
> This looks like a great opertunity for some Cypherpunks to write code, and
> code that people DO care about.. a CypherPunk CyberDog part to replace the
> Apple HTML viewer with one that has hooks for an encryption API (GSSAPI?)

Well if we gonna go that way just use HotJava and create your own 
protocol and content handlers. They are d/l dynamicly. Just as an example.
Write a pop3 protoclos handlers, they use the URL 
pop3://mail.host.com/loginname to get your mail. Oh whats that? Someone
sent you a application/pgp message well guess they pgp content handler will
have to take care of that.

Its really a shame that Sun hasent released HotJava with the JDK it could
give netscape a sun for its money.

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