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Re: Getting a copy of the Jim Clark speech

> Raph Levien <[email protected]> writes:
> I called Netscape public relations. Here's what I found out:

> 1. Netscape PR does not keep transcripts, etc., of Jim Clark's speeches.
> 2. You can order a tape of the speech from Conference Copy for...

Good initiative, but we needn't wait for 6 weeks to get a copy of it.
All that needs to happen is for Jim Clark to explain what he meant, if
it's different from what was reported.  No need for all the to-ing and

Perhaps what he meant was simply reiterating the announcement of October
when they said they'd support the TESSERA crypto API.  If it's worse than
this, he should explain what's going on.  If not, October was the time to
get excited rather than now.

Waiting with bated breath...

	Jim Gillogly
	Highday, 10 Foreyule S.R. 1995, 21:24