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Re: Getting a copy of the Jim Clark speech

If he has not clarified his position by tomorrow evening, I will set up some
web pages explaining the situation and decrying Netscape's apparent
position on key escrow (GAK). I have the quotes that L. McCarthy posted,
and Jeff Weinstein's response. I have not been able to get the article off
the server yet (possible all the cypherpunks downloading it?). Any other
documents I should include?


At 1:24 PM 11/30/95, Jim Gillogly wrote:
>> Raph Levien <[email protected]> writes:
>> I called Netscape public relations. Here's what I found out:
>> 1. Netscape PR does not keep transcripts, etc., of Jim Clark's speeches.
>> 2. You can order a tape of the speech from Conference Copy for...
>Good initiative, but we needn't wait for 6 weeks to get a copy of it.
>All that needs to happen is for Jim Clark to explain what he meant, if
>it's different from what was reported.  No need for all the to-ing and
>Perhaps what he meant was simply reiterating the announcement of October
>when they said they'd support the TESSERA crypto API.  If it's worse than
>this, he should explain what's going on.  If not, October was the time to
>get excited rather than now.
>Waiting with bated breath...
>        Jim Gillogly
>        Highday, 10 Foreyule S.R. 1995, 21:24

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