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Re: Netscape gives in to key escrow

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Anonymous wrote:

>       Aleph One's suggestion -- an NS-hack or "virus" -- doesn't make any
> sense: if Perry or someone would vet a hacked copy, I'd use it in a
> second. But hacking it would involve a violation of the license, so hacked
> versions couldn't be offered in any above-ground way: there'd be no way to
> certify a hacked copy with a trusted nym's key.

	You seem to have missed the point. A "virus" is not there to fix
your copy because you want it. Its there because I  want it. I would
be released so that infects all possible machines. It would either
remove the rutines in netsape that allow escrow or simple remove the 
offensive copy of netscape ( cant use it if its not there 8)
Violation of the license? really? Like virus writers give a damm.

>       Netscape is between a rock and a hard place: I think it's safe to
> say that, were all things equal, NS would support strong crypto. The fact
> that NS has decided otherwise suggests that some pressure was applied:
> Clark says as much. This leads me to believe that one possibly effective
> (and possibly dangerous) tactic might lie in a seriously sustained attack
> on NS's reputation -- keeping up a meme-drumbeat of "you can't trust
> Netscape, that's all, you'll get ripped off." I think we should try it --
> TODAY, now, persistently and loudly, until NS comes around. I'm not saying
> that this'll be enough, but it's a start. TODAY. And I really don't care
> what it takes: calling cronies in the press, spreading innuendo, redoing
> NS icon sets so there's a spy from "Spy Versus Spy" loitering behind the
> N... I've seen some nice "NO Netscape" tags on GNU-related pages. Let's do
> it.

	Yes and you must remember the power of the net. As an example remember
the heat Microsoft took for the Registration Wizard what all it does is 
ASK YOU if you would like to submit the recorded information about your 
computer to Microsoft. It was so blow out of proportion that it even made 
it to places that would check this kinda of stuff like Information Week.

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