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Re: ecash lottery (Was: ecash casino)

From:	IN%"[email protected]" 30-NOV-1995 00:22:29.15

Isn't there also some Scandinavian bank that's handling ecash? It might be
hard to explain to US tax authorities how large amounts of anon currency
are ending up in one's marktwain account. In that case it might be 
	There are essentially two things that one can do with tax-suspicious
ecash (or cash, for that matter). The first is to expend it in non-traceable,
non-predictable ways. The second is to disguise it so it looks
	The first includes spending, of course. In regards to the
non-predictible, I am meaning avoiding spending it for things such as groceries
that someone can easily estimate a minimum bound for how much can be spent.
Spending it to add quality (such as low-fat foods) to those groceries would be
harder to prove.
	The first also includes charity and investment. Investment does have
the problem that the income one gets out will have to then be treated by the
same sort of process.
	The second will vary in method depending on one's individual skills
and situation. However, I will note that it will be easier for those with
independent earning skills- a self-owned business, for instance.
	I will note in regards to the above that while I have been doing some
reading on the underground/black economy, I have not actually attempted any
of the maneuvers discussed. Thus, what I say should be taken with at least a
grain of salt.