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Re: Netscape gives in to key escrow

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Mike McNally wrote:
> Jeff Weinstein writes:
>  > have lots of stuff attributed to Jim, but very little of it is actual
>  > quotes.
> Well, if there was in fact a speech made from which the pseudo-quotes
> in the article were taken, then surely the full text of that speech
> will be made available somewhere for clarification.

I read this article, and thought it to be quite a twist.  It's suicidal
from Netscape to say this. 

It's almost like a couple of stock promotions I was at yesterday at the
Calgary Petroleum Club.  Horrible nasty stuff.  Suicidal speeches. 
Especially the one guy from Neutrino Resources (an Oil and Gas Company)
who decided to explain what a Neutrino was before he started his "spiel"
and talking about how great his company was and how cashflow wasn't a good
measure of a company's worth.

Netscape could well learn from that.  (Unfortunately, I doubt that anyone
was there.) People in these audiences DO listen.  Press, investment
analysts, and the like who do pepper the audience didn't all just fall off
the turnip truck. 

Jim Clark, should have seen or heard this.  

If he did, then he might be a bit more careful with what he says ... but
then again, I'm not sure how involved he is in daily operations.  But
nothing that Netscape does any longer surprises this writer ... look at
how they handled the revelation back on Friday, October Thirteenth that
the emperor's product had no clothes. 

Did they respond to the claims??  No.  

All they did was spam this list with noise "unofficially, not speaking for
the company, but I work for Netscape" noise, and then continued
distributing their product.  Maybe these revelations will help to get the
Netscape product pulled from people's machines, but I'm not gonna hold my
breath on that one. 

The momentum which is behind their stock and product promotion now has a 
life of its own.  Stopping Netscape (and the stock from advancing) is 
like trying to stop a steam-roller.

But for now, I'm busy setting up an email account to allow people to send
replies to me, and to settle this "reputation" stuff once and for all.  

I should be back to posting very soon. 

Alice de 'nonymous ...

                                  ...just another one of those...

P.S.  This post is in the public domain.
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