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SUN, UNIX, et al versus MS standards

    my only comment on Sun's non-portable software is that it
**used-to-be** a case of excessive Berzerkely attitude. Solaris is an
effort, and a very credible effort to meet industry and consumer
standards.  The code is compatible to Sys V R4, and on x86 implementations
will execute Sys V R4 binaries, as well as SCO binaries which opens that
whole set of markets (software availability). 

   at the Solaris 2.1 and 2.2 levels, Sparc Solaris and X86 Solaris were
not even compatible to each other. I just took 200K+ lines of code from a
Sys V package and ported it to both Sparc and X86 Solaris 2.4 --perfect.
The code also had defines for 4.2+ BSD --those also compiled.  Take your

   Sun got the message on standards; their respone was to meet both; and,
they have done a good job of it. Secondly, there is no such thing as
bug-free code --that's like free-lunch and it's all relevant.  Which would
you rather have? patches available on the net, or be forced to upgrade to 
new bugs with MS plus a few more overkill features.

   Again, my point is: why bad mouth Sun?  This is what has fractured UNIX
in the market place and gives the MS assholes the ability to not only
stomp UNIX with reviews which always ask "...which flavour of UNIX is it
this month?"  but, even worse, it gives Gates an opportunity to set YET
ANOTHER **PROPRIETY** MS STANDARD --that does not run securely with the
mainline.  Do you wish to give Microsoft, whose intentions have never
waivered from getting a piece of every transaction in the world,
**complete** control over everything? on every desktop?  

In other words, do you want to see Microsoft, and possibly only
Microsoft/Intel, in the marketplace. Network managers complained about the
Ray Noorda cult, but wait until everybody is forced to join the Bill Gates

   SUN is not the enemy; MS is.  Do you wish to live with MS who,
according to the head cultist, **never** issues a maintenance release
since the software does not have bugs.  Just updates, **expensive**
updates, which fix some bugs, add a few overkill features, and introduce
new bugs. 

   Is there any really good software for **applications** on UNIX at
even close to windows compatible prices --let alone the wealth of material
available.  Sure WABI gets the main productivity pieces, but PagerMaker
and Corel are frozen at Version 5 for WABI.

   Personally, I use OS/2 as the front end to my Suns;  OS/2 is likewise
frozen at W3.1 level software --but at least WinOS2 does not crash my
entire system or network.  I want some of the features in the W95 versions
of Corel and Pagemaker, such as HTML --they will never be made available
for either OS/2 of UNIX. 

   In other words, we need to stop bitching, and start supporting the
alternative systems --constructively.  It all comes back to software, and
even us techo-freaks, or whatever we are with the long hair blowing all
over, need to think about the people who want a simple answer and MS gives
the glitter --if we do not help sustain the alternatives, we will not even
have the luxury of decent hardware. Even GNU has a W95 and an NT **full