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Re: Attribute-testimony example (was Re: The future will be easy touse)

From:	IN%"[email protected]"  "Carl Ellison" 30-NOV-1995 12:34:35.18

Once an element of that set is identified, it can be assigned a codeword
(to make parsing easier).
	How about an email address? Or a URL? Those can be autodetected easily
enough. Plus, the email one could be used to automatically use the
appropriate key if reading something from a particular address (whether for
decryption or for signature verification). If there are more than one with
that address, try all of them and if one turns up looking right (looks like
email headers, for instance) use that decryption. That last is even easier with
the signature verification, and that can show up the user-specified portion of
the field so as to remind you who's sent the message. Sorry if this has been
thought of (and suggested) before... it is kind of obvious.