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Re: "Got a subpoena?"

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, sameer wrote:

> > "finessing" laws will become more important.  In short, they WILL have
> > a subpoena--then what?
> 	Then they'll find out that I don't have any information that
> could help them, anyway.
> 	sameer
   yes, and that is where the absurdity of American law enters in, they
**charge** you with conspiracy!  --or destroying evidence of a crime (by
failing to keep logs)  --or even better, aiding and abetting the
commission of a crime as part of the "chain" of the crime. 

   and, you better believe they do whatever they want. and do not ignore
RICO, because if the "alledge" there were six or more conspirators, or
participants, they are starting tpo use RICO --and you can go away for
life without parole for even a simple "crime." 

   let me put it this way --been there, done that.  

   however, screw'm, if we dont put our asses on the line, not only will 
America in general not have freedom of speech, but we will not either. I 
do not necesarily condone the militias, but I certainly will not 
interfere with their rights 

it may not be too long before the words of Thomas Jefferson may ring true:
the purpose of the militia [a citizens' militia] is to, God forbid,
overthrow a state which has become tyrannical. 

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 the government who fears weapons in the hands of its citizens, should!
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