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Re: GAKzilla & British MPs

>On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, KJC wrote:
>> for ages - I give up!.- BTW- after 'Britland' MPs posted hear a while back
>Interesting, that must have been during one of my sanity vacations from the 
>list. Do you remember approx. when or maybe what their names were?
>Might make it easier to hunt it down in the archives.
>You know it's really strange, the only people around here I've found 
>interested in crypto and aware of sci.crypt and this list were government 
>spooks. I even sold my 1st edition Applied Crypto to one.
>Friendly people, but totally discouraging.
>> I thought _maybe_ we'd hear more.Will the last one to leave Grate Britain
>> please switch out the lights!
>> kc
>At least you have better weather. 
I think it was around March '95. Adam Back(?) cross-posted an email
from sci.crypt (written by Chris Smith and concerning Cambridge(U.K.)
MP Anne Campbell).At some point Campbell posted to the list herself(?)
Sorry,I'm not very clear on this but for some reason I always thought
she wasn't the only MP involved. Yadayadayada... they're a bit like London buses-
nothing for hours then 3 or 4 arrive at the same time...
I've posted this to the list 'cause maybe someone can update the story...
I'd _still_ like to know if there has been any discussion(by MPs) since then 
Sorry about the bandwidth 
p.s. Weather better now its been sold to the French.