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At 9:16 PM 11/30/95, Vinnie Moscaritolo wrote:

>You know, one possible solution lies in the direction of Apple's CyberDog.
>It is based on OpenDoc and should be portable to windoze, I hate to say Rah
>told you so but...
>Even with all the ITAR silliness, even if on the contigincy that Apple
>can't provide a SSL or whatever in thier HTML part, YOU can always write
>your own HTML part, (its just not that complicated) in the Cyberdog
>environment and override the Apple CyberDog HTML part.
>This looks like a great opertunity for some Cypherpunks to write code, and
>code that people DO care about.. a CypherPunk CyberDog part to replace the
>Apple HTML viewer with one that has hooks for an encryption API (GSSAPI?)

Go for it, Vinnie! Let us know how it works out. Being at Apple, I presume,
you're in a position to do what you suggest.

The problem of course is that many, many pieces of code "need" to be
written: several projects mentioned on this list frequently could use more
coders. Integrating the casual work of volunteers is usually hard to do.

If the idea is really a good one, and will result in an interesting
product, then probably the best approach is for someone to do more than
just volunteer some free time: he should set out to build a product he can
sell or at least get some recognition for. (A la Eudora, Stuffit, Red
Ryder, etc.)

I'm a Mac user, but am taking a wait-and-see approach to this "CyberDog"
(dumb name!) thing. If it works out, great. But until OpenDoc (and the
alphabet soup of object standards like Ole, Bento, DOE, SOM, etc.) appears
in real products and demonstrates usefulness, I don't see a rush of folks
moving from Windows and Unix platforms to the Mac to develop it.

If CyberDog is really a decent Web browser--and I've heard some good things
about it, admittedly from Macintosh partisans--then many of us will
probably use it.

--Tim May

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