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Reply to: [email protected]

   I am currently putting together an e-zine covering computer security
issues, non-mainstream music, and basically anything else people want to
write about.  This is an open query for submissions on any kind. Here are
good examples of what I will consider putting into the zine :

Good chance of getting in:
a. interviews, quotes, etc. from "net personalities", writers, band
members, people with interesting computer-related jobs/hobbies/etc.
b. people involved in the field of computer security on either side of the
wall, hackers, phreaks, system admins, police, etc. and their tales
c. reviews of independant, or non-mainstream software, movies, music, etc.
d. any kind of new digital tech. that is interesting and unique, a
description and review
e. basically anything else that is related to the information age, digital,
cyber (even though i hate the word), 'net related, etc.

NO chance of getting in:
a. political views/essays which are not a concern of the computer and/or
net community
b. fiction of ANY sort (sci-fi, cyberpunk, etc, etc.)
c. anything else not related to alternative or "tech" field (ex - reviews
of mainstream albums, movies, etc., also articles on things such as the
environment and gay rights will be turned away, simply because this is not
what the magazine is aiming for)

If you have an album, tape, CD, software, device, etc. you want reviewed,
send it along to :

Terminal Obsession
P.O. Box 831
Sydney, Nova Scotia
B1P 6T7

If you are interested in subscribing to the completed 'zine, wait until
you see an announcement, as the zine is not complete as of yet, and may
not be for a short while, so i have nothing to send you yet!