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Re: List of reliable remailers

Apologies for following up on my own post, but I did some digging and
found out what I needed to know.

> > Groups of remailers sharing a machine or operator:
> > (robo syrinx c2)
> > (flame hacktic replay)
> > (alumni portal)
> Anything more specific on the above info? 

It turns out that this information is only intended for automatic
chain selection, not as a capsule history of the remailers. But see

>   robo, syrinx, c2 all running on c2.org
>   alumni, portal run by Hal Finney
>   hacktic, replay run on xs4all / by Alex de Joode?
> ok so far, but flame is xs4all/de Joode as well?

In fact, yes, at least until Tomaz gets good enough Net access in
Slovenia to support a remailer.

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