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Re: Barring access to Netscape

>If Netscape really does go the GAK route, I will unilaterally
>do this to the Cypherpunk Archives (or something similar, like every
>request flashing up briefly and then client-pulling the GAK pages).

After talking to a couple of people, and playing around some, this seems
to be a better choice.  That way, you can actually send information (including
a list of where to get other browsers) instead of just garbage to netscape
users.  Is anyone aware of browsers other than Netscape that do client pulls?

A simple filter to do (and undo) this would still be useful, I think so that
users can easily fix all their documents.  Fortunately, that would be very
easy to write.

>I've been told that many media-types go to the archives whenever c'punks
>make the news.  How much of an effect do y'all think it'll have if they
>can't do it with Netscape?
>Shouldn't be too hard to hack this into Apache.

That's not a bad idea either.  Hopefully, Netscape will post a retraction
(soon!) and none of this will be necessary.

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